Cosmetic Crowns

Don’t let a damaged tooth prevent you from a healthy smile. Cosmetic Crowns can restore teeth to a natural, beautiful look.

One damaged tooth in an otherwise healthy smile can be disturbing. This is especially true if the damage is severe enough that a traditional filling is not enough to cover it. When this occurs a “cap”, or cosmetic crown can be made to restore the appearance of the tooth. Think of it as a veneer that covers your whole tooth for extra strength. The crown is shaped to fit the damaged tooth and recreate the size and shape of the original natural tooth. Since the cosmetic crown is custom made, the color can also be matched to your natural teeth. We will take digital photos so that the master lab technician can return a ‘Wow!’ result.

Dental Crowns Effectively Restore Compromised Teeth

Cosmetic Crowns are used in a wide variety of situations. Most commonly, there is more of a healthy tooth gone than remaining. This is analogous to having more of a duct tape than a pipe, or more of a bond-o than a car. If there would be more filling than natural tooth, the filling will fail quickly and it won’t look natural. This is why we recommend a crown over the top. It can and will hold your tooth together in order for you to be able to smile naturally and chew like before. Cosmetic Crowns can also be used to anchor bridges and other dental appliances. Occasionally they are made to be removed along with the bridge.

In cases where the entire tooth is removed because the root is broken and a dental implant is installed, a Cosmetic Crown is formed to replace the missing tooth. This type of crown fits over the anchor of the implant. Permanent crowns are very strong and can restore a patient’s ability to bite and chew normally.

Construction Cosmetic Crowns

Cosmetic crowns are made from a variety of materials. Most patients prefer crowns that blend with natural teeth. In these cases, porcelain, ceramic or resin composites are used to create a tooth that will leave you guessing which you paid for and which you grew! At patient requests, other crowns are made from metals, including gold. Combination crowns may have a metal component underneath a layer of porcelain or ceramic.

Forming the Crown

Crowns are formed in a two part procedure. First we clean and make needed repairs to the tooth. A mold is then taken of the tooth and sent to a dental lab to have the crown created. A temporary crown may be created to cover the work and allow a more natural appearance.

On your second visit, we will first clean the surface of the tooth below to accept the new crown with a special soap. The crown is then test fitted and any adjustments needed are made. The cosmetic crown is then permanently installed using a dental bonding adhesive.

If a Cerec crown is to be used, crowns can often be fitted the same day!

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